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The Balloon Council along with industry allies have been working diligently over the last couple years to expand upon facts that recognize how the balloon industry has been a proper steward with this important resource as well as putting the helium supply in proper perspective. We have seen loosening of the helium supply, alleviating the shortage we have experienced in the market over the last few years that led to a severe drop in sales due to availability issues. The positive short term outlook is subject to unexpected issues with plants and scheduled maintenance shutdowns at the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and other facilities.

Supply Worldwide
  • Dependent upon many factors
  • Unexpected maintenance or plant shutdowns
  • Available supply stock
  • Geopolitical events
  • Demand
  • Expected to grow 2% to 3% per annum
  • Supply = Demand
  • Impact of conservation
  • Impact of global economy
New/Expanded Helium Production
  • Doe Canyon- End of 2015
  • Absorption Technology- Ongoing
  • Qatar 3- 2018
  • East Siberia- 2019 or beyond
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