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State – Legislative History

Over the course of the last twenty five years The Balloon Council has worked with local and state governments and enhanced consumer and retailer responsibility. This coupled with proper education has enabled our businesses to maintain a positive industry image.

The weighted foil balloon legislation and numerous other state legislative proposals to ban the intentional release of balloons pushed the industry to defend itself against erroneous claims and to develop a proactive position.

The Balloon Council looks forward to further collaboration with our elected representatives, businesses and allied relationships on issues of concern. We will continue to grow our Responsible Balloon Network (RBR) so that our elected can hear directly from their constituents. Please visit the RBR section of this website and sign up.

The Balloon Council wants to bring all businesses and allied relationships under one party tent.

Federal – Legislative History

Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC)

In 1990, discussions begin with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), The Balloon Council and the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) regarding warning labels on numerous items including balloons. TBC worked with all parties to create a voluntary standard. In 1994, despite voluntary standard,CPSC moved forward with a mandatory label requirement under the Child Protection Safety Act.

President Signs Helium Stewardship Act of 2013;
Shutdown of Federal Helium
Reserve Is Averted

President Obama signed into law the Helium Stewardship Act of 2013, representing the end of a long series of actions by U.S. Senate and House to reach a solution that avoids a shutdown of the Federal Helium Reserve.

Congress and the President acted in time to avoid a severe jolt in the already sensitive helium market, sidestepping a potential shock to businesses and jobs in the balloon industry and thousands of other businesses in technology, health care and research which rely on helium.

The President’s action followed agreement on the bill from both chambers of Congress on September 26, after several votes by the House and Senate that demonstrated strong bipartisan support to avoid disruption of the helium market.

Congress and the President recognized the critical nature of maintaining a stable supply of helium for a wide range of industries across America including manufacturing of semiconductors, MRI machines, research, fiber optic cable, plasma televisions and balloons.

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